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Who. What. Wear. (GHANA) + My Maternity Clothing Haul!



Jan 21, 2020


For the first time in my life, I underpacked for a trip.

Being pregnant, I had no clue what to put in my suitcase as I prepped for my trip to Ghana. Considering the sweltering temperatures, the fact that this bump seems to grow daily and just seeking comfort as we toured and walked and moved about, I was legit stressed about what to take with me…so I hardly took anything.

Luckily, I was able to get my hands on a few pieces (maternity and some bigger sizes) to on my journey. If you’ve been a longtime reader of this website, then you’d know I love to break down my fave lewks from my trips. But this post is a two for one; keep scrolling and you’ll see my latest YouTube video featuring my mini maternity clothing haul!

Ghana was such a vibe, such an experience; it’s taking me a few weeks to mentally unpack and share all the amazing content I have with you. Until then enjoy…

Who. What. Wear. (Ghana)

Mellow Yellow

afrochella ghana maternity

Slip dresses + pregnancy is a marriage made in maternity fashion heaven! I’m so happy I didn’t leave this sunshine-y piece at home because it was the perfect festival outfit! I wore this at the Afrochella event (that blog coming soon!) and it kept me cool and comfy the entire day. I copped this piece at local Bahamian boutique Shop The CC and paired this chic and simple look with my classic low top Converse and…I regretted it! These shoes are clearly not made for longterm wear nor walking. I topped the look off (literally) with my very afrocentric turban.

afrochella ghana maternity

Orange Glow

makola market ghana maternity

Another piece in my comfy-maternity-wear arsenal is this gorgeous coral number I ordered from Asos. Even with a light material, flowy structure and all that cleavage, this dress was no match for the Ghanaian heat. I wore this on our first day touring the busy Makola Market and less than halfway through, I was soaking! Still I love this piece! I finished off the look with a pair of yellow platforms and went on about my day.

See how I dressed for my combo trip to Morocco + Barcelona!

makola market ghana maternity

Mama Africa

elmina castle ghana maternity

Shopping in Ghana was so fun and colorful! The variety of prints, patterns, materials you can find is endless! My eyes caught this colorful shirt/dress while shopping at a roadside market and I had to have it! Turbans are my thing, especially now when I could hardly find the time to get my hair done, so I wrapped my hair on this day with another beautiful, Ghanaian sourced fabric I found at the same market center. In my all black Nike tennis shoes and I was ready to go for our three-hour long drive to Kumasi, Elmina Castle and Cape Coast. I literally slept the entire ride. 🙂

Printz ‘N Tingz!

Although I love pops of color and bright hues, this muted, printed set is oh so gorgeous. Even better, is the fit of this! The wide leg pants were perfect for keeping cool and the crop top let my belly breathe just a little. This was an effortless look and I’m so happy I took this set with me. The colors blended perfectly with the historical landmark Black Star Square.

I promise you I’m steady working on these blogs and videos for you! Bear with me as I battle third trimester blue, baby shopping, round ligament pain and planning a baby shower!

I love you for reading!

Check out my latest YouTube video!

Who. What. Wear. (GHANA) + My Maternity Clothing Haul!

  1. Lovely always lovely, carry on smartly him & enjoy. VICARIOUSLY I SAY VICARIOUSLY.👍😉

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