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Welcome to Faren’s Nursery



May 24, 2020


I’d already come to grips with it: I wouldn’t get the chance to celebrate the birth of my first child with all the bells and whistles that come motherhood due to this global pandemic.

I had to cancel my baby shower, I didn’t get the chance to shop for the baby like I wanted, I was forced to give birth alone in an eerily empty hospital and I wasn’t able to set up the baby’s nursery. I didn’t get to do anything to really prepare for Faren’s arrival. COVID-19 literally stole it all.

Or so I thought.

I still can’t find words adequate enough to express the feeling I had the day I got the call from the owners at Sandbox (Bahamas), a local baby boutique on the island. They pretty much just called to congratulate me on the birth of my beautiful baby girl and to tell me that they had a gift for her. They wanted to give her one of the many things COVID-19 stole from her: a nursery.

From the crib, to the decorations, the bedding, a fancy diaper pail, stuffed animals, blankets, candles, ornaments, throw pillows; decor pieces to make the room pretty, to clothes and essentials for Faren, a stroller and car seat set and so much more for the nursery and for baby, the Sandbox literally opened their hearts and their doors to give all of this and so much more.

We are truly blessed.

I was very impressed at the selection and quality of items available at the Sandbox, so of course, being the anal shopper that I am, it took me forever to choose the perfect items for Faren’s nursery.

baby girl nursery

At a time when it seems everything was being taken away from us, we were being set up for an unbelievable outpouring of love and support. The day I went to collect the items, the car’s back trunk was loaded with items. I stopped for a second and smiled to myself. I had recently joked with my sister about how we took so long picking out items for the baby’s registry for friends and family to purchase for the baby shower. We took our time and scoured those stores for the best items to add to the list…for nothing.

So when my eyes scanned the back of the car and I saw how many items we were being gifted, I couldn’t help but say a silent prayer because we got even more things for Faren than what was on the registry.

It’s true what they say, when we make plans…

God laughs

I told everyone, I don’t know what good deed I did, whose day I made, what Good Samaritan act I performed; whatever it was, on the day I drove off with all the items I needed for my baby, I was reaping my reward, ten-fold.

I’m forever grateful to the owners of Sandbox (Bahamas) and their sister company Greenhouse Bahamas which gifted us so many gorgeous pieces to beautify the space. This is a gift I wont soon forget and a story I can’t wait to share with Faren.

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The Nursery

We opted for a very modern nursery with natural and muted tones. Light grays, nudes, whites and hints of pink lay the foundation for the color scheme and mood. We went for a wood-toned crib and added a chest drawer with a similar finish that perfectly compliments it.

baby girl nursery
baby girl nursery
baby girl nursery
baby girl nursery
baby girl nursery


A bright green plant in one corner, throw blankets flung around the room and pillows of all sizes all help to pull the space together with a cozy, warm feel.

This room was always going to be Faren’s nursery, but again, our plans got derailed. Now that we finally got the chance to give our baby girl her own little corner of the house, it stands as a testament to the fact that…

Delayed doesn’t mean denied!

You just never know who’s waiting to bless you with something you thought you’d never have.

baby girl nursery

Welcome to Faren’s Nursery

  1. Javarri Rolle says:

    Love watching your video’s. I to was pregnant around this time and had to cancel my shower and rush to get necessities. Regardless of this pandemic. It was all worth it.
    And yes God always bless his faithful servant. You were much deserving of your gift.
    Thanks so much for sharing your stories. And keep being the fabulous mother to your little bundle of joy. You are doing a great job.

    • Ianthia Ferguson says:

      Thank you so much for commenting. So sorry you had to experience the shower cancellations and all the covid drama as well, but we’re better for it! Congrats on your bundle of joy!

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