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My COVID-19 Birth Experience

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May 3, 2020


I never imagined that I’d give birth during a global pandemic or that my husband wouldn’t be by my side as our child entered the world.

But thanks to the Coronavirus COVID-19, nothing I had planned for my birth experience happened. From having to cancel our baby shower, not being able to shop for and set up our nursery to hubby being kicked out of the delivery room at the last minute COVID-19 really stole many of our joys.

From happily going to lamaze class, shopping for pediatricians, to cancelling the baby shower, being diagnosed with preeclampsia, to being alone in labor, to recording audio of me giving birth so my husband could hear after the hospital went on lockdown and he was kicked out… and yes, you even get to hear baby’s first cries; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions but I share it all in this video.

I started shooting this video diary at 33 weeks, well before COVID-19 really became the monster that it is and in the video below you’ll see my moods go from super duper happy to sheer heartbreak as the virus took over the world, had people in quarantine, forced us to social distance from our friends and family and had us on government mandated curfews and lockdowns.

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There are so many emotions that course through your body when you’re forced to deliver a baby without the love and support you looked forward to for nine months. As the weeks went by the situation got more grim and I soon realised that I might just have to do this alone. I didn’t want to admit it, but deep down I knew it was a possibility.

But after a lonely, hard experience…as with this video, there were tears of joy, despite Coronavirus COVID-19 wanting otherwise! According to those who’ve watched already, you might wanna grab some tissues for your tears before hitting play!

My COVID-19 Birth Experience

  1. Dawn says:

    Congratulations darling!! How was the experience at PMH?

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