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DIG•ITAL CLEAN•UP: 4 Reasons To Audit Your Online Presence

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Aug 16, 2020


That good ole saying, “get your house in order,” is not just for your literal house, but must also apply to your online home; your website, your YouTube channel and your social media platforms. I can admit that right now, my online home is definitely not in order; after a crash, my personalized email address has been down for months now and I’ve been using my Gmail account for my business communications.

For me this isn’t the ideal situation as I like to keep my entire online experience branded and beautiful.

I don’t know what Instagram is doing but for some reason my IG feed isn’t showing up on my website anymore and my Google analytics stopped recording.

It seems like nothing’s working, that’s why it’s super important that I sweep, mop and dust down to get my online house back in order. It’s time for a digital cleanup!

If your business is online, it’s vitally important to take the time to ensure all’s well on your platforms, because sometimes technology likes to play games, and ion got the time!

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1. To ensure you’re not missing emails: especially if you’re monetizing your pages, you’d wanna make sure that every single email is hitting your inbox. Even if you don’t have a personalized email address now, make sure whichever one you are using is doing what it needs to do. P.S. check the spam folder!

2. To confirm your links are working: from links in blog posts, in your IG bio or Twitter profile be sure they’re directing your readers to where you want them to go. Sometimes links get broken, go missing or just start acting up.

 3. To get the right numbers: again, my website has been doing this thing where it’s not recording how many reads each blog post is getting and this is SUPER important. Blog analytics are the numbers I love to present to brands for collabs so having these numbers updated and current is a big deal. Make sure your analytics are keeping track of your work on all platforms.

 4. To make sure you’re putting your best face forward: you build your online home as you do your real home, carefully picking the elements to give it the vibe you want visitors to feel. Don’t let broken links, missing emails or corrupted images disrupt your flow! Clean up your house today!

Happy Cleaning!

DIG•ITAL CLEAN•UP: 4 Reasons To Audit Your Online Presence

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