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Mommy + Me Backyard Photoshoot



Aug 16, 2020


The minute I put the turban on Faren’s head, I saw my late grandmother Sylvia, in her eyes.

I can’t believe it’s been four months since this little one came screaming into the world. In such a short time, she’s taught us how to love on a whole new level, completely changed everything we thought we knew about being adults (I just want one of those naps that every five-year-old child avoids) and brought our little family so much closer.

Faren is a firecracker. A sweet loving soul who tries so hard to give hugs, but her tiny arms wont connect around my neck just yet, she’s very vocal, loves a good debate (just like her father!), and is a huge fan of snuggling. She loves to watch TV (like me) and could hardly catch her breath when a hearty giggle catches her.

mommy and me photoshoot
mommy and me photoshoot

My husband made an observation the other day. He mentioned how our fashion and style are developed based on our parents’; what we see them wear, how we see them dress and what things they use most. He’d just returned from picking up a package of clothing I purchased for Faren, filled with frilly rompers, linen onesies, other nude/rustic colored pieces and a ton of turbans. He said everything in the package looked like things I would wear and he was so right, lol!

So maybe we do get our style by picking from the things we love most about our parents’ style. My hair lives in a pixie because I grew up watching my mother SLAY a good hair cut, I love to wear turbans because she also rocked a mean wrap on her head and so did her mother.

And now baby Faren will add to that turban-wearing legacy.

mommy and me photoshoot

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I had the idea for this mommy and me backyard photoshoot and knew I wanted us to sport our head gear. The outfit Faren is wearing was originally for the “party” after her christening which was supposed to be today, but the COVID-19 lockdown ensues. With so little uncertainty, having to cancel the event three times already and her growing everyday, I decided to no longer save the outfit, but instead dress her up and get some beautiful images! My dress is from my wedding shower two years ago. We pulled a sheet from the closet, pillows from the couches and spent some quality time in the backyard one day, turbans and all! <3

mommy and me photoshoot

Photos: my photographer hubby The F.Dot Life

Mommy + Me Backyard Photoshoot

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