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Happy 1st Birthday, Faren



Apr 3, 2021


My dad did tell me that as the calendar draws closer to your birthday, I’m going to feel something inexplicable. He said it’s just the universe reminding me of something special, something memorable, something life-changing. And he was right. The more we inched closer to this day, my heart got more full.

I felt it.

At the top of 2020 I waddled in six months pregnant, counting down the days, anxiously awaiting your arrival. Daddy and I decided not to find out if you were a boy or a girl, so on this day, one year ago when the nurse exclaimed, “what a beautiful baby girl” after you came roaring into the world, I immediately knew we’d have a tight bond and thankfully I was right.

Today, we celebrate your first birthday and what an amazing, topsy turvy, fun, challenging, love-filled, special, memorable year it’s been. You have grown by leaps and bounds, you are so intelligent and alert, sassy, but sweet, vocal and vivacious, observant and fun.

baby girl first birthday boho theme photoshoot
baby girl first birthday boho theme photoshoot

I love when I yell, “mommy kiss!” and you lean in with those big wet lips to kiss mine. I can’t stop laughing at how you clap your hands when we’re watching Wendy Williams together; proof that you were very aware of me binging the show when I was pregnant with you. You love mashed potatoes, avocado and bananas mixed together and sweet potatoes. Coco Melon is your favorite but the moments are so special when you’re singing along to mommy’s childhood favorite Barney and daddy’s favorite show Sesame Street.

You still hate when we put you in the car seat, but as soon as we start our ride you drift off into your own world “counting” the trees and clouds as we pass. Everyone says you are your dad’s twin, and 12 months in I’ve come to grips with the fact that we really don’t look that much alike. But you’re absolutely mommy’s girl and we have so much in common.

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baby girl first birthday boho theme photoshoot
baby girl first birthday boho theme photoshoot

Mommy + Faren

While you do have his face, I think you’ll end up having my personality (the real win lol!). But here some other ways we are so much alike.

  • First child to our parents – Yup, you and I are the oldest in the tribe. You don’t have siblings yet, but you will have the honor and privilege of being the oldest, the first girl at that, just like mommy! GIRL POWER!
  • First grandchild to one set of grandparents – We both are first gifts to at least one set of nanas and papas. For me, I’m the first grandchild on my father’s side and you’re the first grandchild on your mother’s side!
  • We both have three nanas and papas – We are so loved, that God saw it fit to bless me with bonus mommies and daddies! My stepparents are your stepgrandparents, giving you three grandmothers and three grandfathers! More gifts, more love! <3
  • We share birth dates – You were actually due on April 17, but in the last trimester of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia which caused mommy’s blood pressure to spike. The doctor told me it would be best for both of us, if I delivered you by the weekend. It was Tuesday March 31 and he told me I’d have to give birth on either Thursday April 2 or Friday April 3. The number three immediately stuck out to me because I’m born on December 3 so I chose April 3 for your birthday. 🙂
  • We are not morning people – Please give us our ZZZ’s in the morning, or we’re cranky all day! We could sleep the morning and love getting to business later in the day; you, trying to hoard all the remote controls in the house and me, trying to stop you!
baby girl first birthday boho theme photoshoot
baby girl first birthday boho theme photoshoot
baby girl first birthday boho theme photoshoot

You were born in a pandemic and that forced us to care for you without help those first few months, we didn’t get to celebrate as we wanted, daddy was kicked out of the hospital before you were born, we were locked inside the house on curfews and lockdowns, we couldn’t take you out as we wanted; but Faren we loved on you in so many ways and you have been the greatest thing to ever happen to us. Your smile, your hearty giggles, your hugs and kisses have made this past year the best ever.

Happy first birthday, my love; we wish you growth, the confidence to find yourself, the strength to love yourself and the power to know yourself.

– Mommy

Happy 1st Birthday, Faren

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