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Level Up: From Content Consumer to Content Creator in 3 EASY Steps!

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Oct 24, 2020


There are three kinds of people on social media right now: the creator, the consumer and those who dream of going from content consumer to content creator.

If you fall in the third category, this post is for you.

So many people spend countless hours scrolling social media and following the work of their favorite content creators hoping that one day they too could create the kind of content people love.

From shooting bomb videos, to writing captivating blog posts, recording dope podcasts, shooting photos for amazing campaigns, hopping on IG live or even just consistently posting great content to Instagram; what if I told you your dream of going from consumer to content creator is literally three steps away?

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Being a content creator is hard, I wont lie. It demands focus, commitment, drive and determination every single day!

I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times myself, though, so I know how it is when you just don’t want to do the work.

It’s always the fun part to get the website or the blog up and running or to start the Instagram page; but after a few posts, a few months, a few years, you stop creating content and end up on your fave sites soaking in other people’s content, neglecting the need to create your own.

But with a commitment to consistency and a mantra for maintenance you can easily go from content consumer to content creator. Here’s how!

Prioritize Content Creation

Simply put, you have to prioritize content creation in order to become a content creator. READ THAT PART AGAIN! Content creators bake creating content into their everyday lives. Like you’d schedule a hair, nail or spa appointment each month, you have to create time to create. Whether that’s booking a photoshoot, taking a weekend to write out blog posts, taking an hour a day to jot down content ideas, or even just engaging with your followers and those you follow online, you have to prioritize your content creation.

Envision Yourself as the Content Creator You Want To Be

So many people shy away from being the content creator they want to be, simply because they think it’s for everyone but them. You have to see yourself as a content creator to become a content creator. Don’t let imposter syndrome tell you, “she’s good at it, she does this so well; if I try I’ll fail.” If you want it, it’s yours. Envisioning yourself as a content creator means you’ll constantly be on the look out for events, happenings, purchases…anything to share with your audience. Had an interesting thought or idea? An experience you want to share? A clothing try-on or haul? Wanna share a story? What are people taking about? What’s trending? What are you eating? What are you wearing? Trying a new lipstick? Found a great pair of jeans? Spent a beautiful day at brunch? Took yourself to dinner? The content is already created because the content is you.

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Respect The Game

Before I even made my first dollar from being a content creator, I respected the game. I respected the time it takes to be successful at this and I respected it as a craft. I never cast it to the side as some small hobby I could pick up and put down at will. The moment I knew I wanted to go from content consumer to content creator, I saw this as my job. The creatives who’ve seen success in this field are the ones who don’t play about their content and respect the space they’re in. After all, we respect what we put time into.

Wanna watch? I hosted an Instagram Live digging even deeper into becoming a content creator. Click the pic below to check it out!

content creator

Level Up: From Content Consumer to Content Creator in 3 EASY Steps!

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