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#TribeUp: 4 EASY Steps To Finding Your Online Audience!

online audience tribe

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Apr 25, 2020


One of the hardest things to do as a blogger is to find your online audience; that ride or die, read every blog, share every video, comment on your posts, double tap everything and even show-it-to-their-mama, engaging crew of people who fall in love with your content, follow whatever journey you take them on and, essentially, become your virtual homies.

This is your tribe.

If done correctly, some of these virtual relationships span several social media platforms and even blossom into friendships IRL (in real life). For me, this is actually one of the most satisfying parts of being a blogger. My tribe runs so deep, not only do they engage with my work online and in person, but they send me content suggestions, share their own stories and, yes, they sometimes even send screenshots of typos I’ve overlooked in a post. Yea…they’re that tuned in, want to see me win and I love it!

If there’s one thing this COVID-19 pandemic has all of us constantly doing right now (besides eating the fridge dry) is endlessly scrolling social media. If you’re a blogger, content creator or influencer and still struggling to find your online audience, now’s the perfect time to do it, especially since you’re at home and on Instagram right now anyway!

4 Ways To Find Your Online Tribe

Click here to meet a few members of my tribe!

Spice Up The Content

Feel free to play around and experiment with the content you create. If you’ve been spending most of your time writing for your website, try hopping on Instagram Live or shooting and uploading a YouTube (or IGTV) video. You’ll be amazed at whose eye you catch by switching up your color schemes, aesthetics, adding new graphics, animation or even new photos to the mix. The idea here is to simply use this time to step out of your content creation box and try new things.

Play With New Platforms

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I absolutely love Twitter and I’m on there all the time! But when building my brand and searching for my audience, I made it my business to spread the love around and be equally as active on Facebook and Instagram. It can be very easy to use one particular platform as your online safety blanket; maybe because the engagement is better there, you get more likes and comments or you have more followers there. The good thing about that is you’ve already proven that you can grow an engaged audience. Now rinse and repeat!

online audience tribe
Some more members of my tribe at my first annual “I work for my damn self” Christmas party

Comment on it

Being a content creator you can definitely get sucked into the create-post-share-promote cycle, forgetting that it’s important to also engage on social media. Responding to comments on your posts, liking and commenting on other people’s posts is key to tapping into new relationships. Begin by responding to comments on your own posts that may have gone unnoticed and strike up a conversation. Then search out people with similar interests and likes and comment on their work. Showing that you’re a real, authentic person who knows how to chill and vibe with others will definitely have recruiting tribe members on the daily.

Ask and the door shall be opened…

Wanna know another way to find those people who were fearfully and wonderfully made for you and your content; just ask! Use your social media platforms to post questions, start conversations, explore topics or find out what people are interested in. Keep a note of those who respond, make suggestions and engage with your posts and express interests in the kind of content you’re creating. Feel free to ask questions like, “Who would be interested in a post about my fave skincare products?” Trust me, your tribe will some knocking!

online audience tribe
The second annual Christmas party attracted some new tribe members!

Have you found your tribe? Let me know in the comments!

#TribeUp: 4 EASY Steps To Finding Your Online Audience!

  1. Keiani says:

    This was good. I find my current followers (friends and family mainly) would like a pic and move on. But I need people going to the blog sharing the blog and helping to grow. I need people who are actually interested in what I am posting and that seems hard AF

    • Ianthia Ferguson says:

      Just keep at it! Try switching up your content and even using platforms you wouldn’t normally use…trust me your tribe is out there looking for you too!

  2. I’m bonding with so many people on Twitter and it’s been great. Seeing more engagement in Facebook too but I really hate using IG. It genuinely sucks my soul 😢💔

    • Ianthia Ferguson says:

      hahaha! IG is a beast all its own! But take it day by day and try implementing these steps. Go in on the platforms that are working for you too and encourage those people to follow you on IG!

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